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At Paul Tom’s Academy of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we focus on the personal progress of our students and in helping them achieve their goals. Not only do we have great students with whom to train but we also have four black belt professors who regularly teach and train at the Academy, reinforcing good fundamentals and insuring that each student is able to receive the instruction they need to succeed.

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7-8am Adult, Instructional – No Gi
8-9am Open Mat
7-8am All levels, instructional
8-9am Open Mat
11am-12noon All levels, instructional
12-1pm Open Mat
6-7pm Adults and Teens Fundamental
7-8pm Sport Jiu Jitsu All Levels
8-9pm Open Mat
7-8am Adult, Instructional – No Gi
8-9am Open Mat
7-8am All levels, instructional
8-9am Open Mat
11am-12noon All levels, instructional
12-1pm Open Mat
6-7pm Adults and Teens Fundamental
7-8pm Sport Jiu Jitsu All Levels
8-9pm Open Mat
10-11am All levels Instructional
11am-12pm Open Mat

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  1. Eric Hawker (Realtor)

    I went to Paul Tom’s academy after over a year off from training. I had never trained here before and I was pleasantly surprised by the kind and welcoming atmosphere. If you want a place to start, restart, or continue your bjj journey, this is an excellent place.

  2. Jonathan Rogers

    10 months ago
    I do Jiu-Jitsu at Soma In Idaho and was visiting a friend down in American Fork for the week. My instructor in Idaho recommended Paul Tom’s Academy of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I was welcomed in by such a great group of people. Paul Tom himself is such a nice guy and it’s clear why his Academy is so successful. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn Jiu-Jitsu the right way.

  3. Brigham Cardon

    An excellent environment for beginners like me. The instructors and more experienced students are interested in helping everyone have a great experience; there’s a lot of mutual respect.

  4. Kaniela Kalai

    No mat bullies, high level instruction, family atmosphere. Not sure how it cud b better.

  5. Branden

    They really bring you in as part of the family, I’m sad to have moved away. This place teaches incredible discipline and hard work. Highly recommended!!

  6. Adeline Allen

    Paul Tom knows his stuff and, even better, knows how to teach it! He is really passionate about true self-defense and follows the teachings of Master Flavio Behring. Also, he’s just very funny and super nice.

  7. Cade Dopp

    Paul Tom is a great teacher and a nice guy. The other students are friendly, helpful, and welcoming. There is also a good mix of skill levels from white belts to black.

  8. Max Maisel

    I’ve trained at many different studios over my 5 years of BJJ, and Paul Tom’s is top notch. When I first arrived as a blue belt I knew it was a legit school when many of the white belts were kicking my butt. Professor Tom and the other teachers are all extremely knowledgeable about Jiu Jitsu, and you will learn a ton from these human BJJ encyclopedias. Also, classes are a nice mix of technique and live rolling, you will not leave wanting more. One of the things I like most about Paul Tom’s Academy of BJJ is the sense of community there. Amazing guys and gals that roll there, and I have made many, many friends. The vibe there is friendly, social, and collaborative. Everybody is interested in helping each other learn and grow. I’d highly recommend training here.

  9. Andy Hamm

    I’m just getting started at age 30, and this is an amazing environment with a wide range of people just starting to seasoned veterns.

  10. Thomas Skinner

    Best jiu jitsu academy around. Professor Paul Tom is an excellent steward of the art. Great instruction, friendly atmosphere, and awesome people. If you’re interested in jiu jitsu then this is the place to be. Come join us, you won’t be disappointed!

  11. Damien Ku

    Awesome and very technical great people and great environment.

  12. Steen Living

    Paul Tom’s Academy of BJJ is friggin awesome!!!!

  13. Henry L

    I’ll definitely miss training here. Let me tell why Paul Tom’s Jiujitsu Academy is the best place to train in Utah County:

    -The Instructors. Professor Paul Tom is a black belt under Flavio Behring, one of the only red belts in the world of Jiujitsu. When I started training here over a year ago, Professor Paul welcomed me with such warmth, and I knew instantly that he cares deeply about the growth and development of his students. In addition to his excellent lessons on the many techniques and their details, he is an excellent storyteller (especially the ones about Rickson) and always makes the extra effort to improve our game. I felt deeply honored to receive my blue belt from him. Professor Paul’s two sons Nate and Trevor are also black belts who provide a fresh contrast to Paul’s “old school” jiujitsu, by focusing on not only fundamentals, but also sport jiujitsu as well. They are also amazing instructors with awesome hearts.

    -The Drilling. There are days where we only focus on drilling one specific move, or days when we focus on sequences and/or several moves. The curriculum here is well developed based upon the core principles of posture, pressure, and precision. All instructors and upper belts also make great efforts in walking through the details with you and addressing student-specific needs.

    -The Sparring. There are no meat heads here trying to smash complete beginners (and if they somehow enter the dojo, there is always someone here who will be the enforcer). Everyone is super chill and purely interested in working together to improve. If you are new, I highly suggest sparring with a purple belt or higher, so they can guide you in learning how to spar with the greatest effectiveness and highest state of calm.

    -The Family. I will miss training with people here. It is like a little family, and all members who stick around will become friends and find a tight-knit community of fighters that will not hesitate to protect one another and their loved ones.

  14. Ben P.

    I was looking to get into Jiujitsu for some time and was having a hard time deciding where to spend my money wisely. This is a place where you get what you pay for. Instructors are friendly and have a good sense of humor. The instruction is very technical and everyone is eager to help if you have questions which makes it a great place to learn. The environment is welcoming yet challenging. JIU-JITSU IS NOT EASY. There are great attitudes and tough training partners. It is a good test mentally and physically and Every time I have come away from training here smiling. Good fun. This is a great place to roll!

  15. Joshua J.

    Love this place. Instructors are great and the atmosphere is awesome.
    The location is easily accessible yet quiet from the outside noises. One thing I enjoy is the friends I’ve made in the short time I’ve been there thus far.
    Classes are designed to help every skill level learn something new or improve on current skill sets with an attention to detail.
    I recommend Paul Tom’s Academy.

  16. Max M.

    I recently moved to Utah from California, where I trained at a top notch Gracie Barra school. When I first got to Utah I tried another BJJ/MMA place, but it was terrible and left a really bad taste in my mouth for Utah BJJ. I decided to give it one more try and went to Paul Tom’s place.

    Everybody there is really warm and welcoming, it is a great little community. Moreover, you know the instruction is top notch when lower striped white belts are tough as nails. Paul is a great guy and really knows what he is talking about. Classes are fun and informative, and always end with an hour of free rolling. Also, compared to my California gym the price is most definitely right! If you want to learn self defense, lose weight, gain confidence, or start up a new sport, Paul Tom’s is a great option in Utah County.

  17. Wade B

    White belts like me can breath easy. Every color belt I’ve encountered has made an effort to help me learn. Instructors work with me at my pace, which is exactly what I needed.
    I couldn’t be happier with the people here. Sounds like a promo, I know. But it’s true!

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