Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Should I wait until I'm in shape to start?

Whatever shape you’re in, we promise that through our classes, you’ll become more fit. Just start coming, you’ll be glad you did!

What if I have a condition or past injury?

Talk to your doctor before starting. If he/she approves, let us know about any precautions he/she recommends, and we’ll be sure you learn martial arts in a safe environment.

Is there a high risk of injury?

Nope. Through years of teaching experience, we know what usually leads to injury, and how to avoid it. We teach in a safe way, and while injuries do still happen, they are very rare.

Is it just for men?

Absolutely not. While most of our students are men, we do have a fair amount of women who come to our classes. Believe us when we say that being a woman in class will be no problem at all.

What is the class like?

It’s a good mix of fun, educational, serious, and funny. Jiu Jitsu is a serious discipline, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be happy and laugh with each other sometimes. All in all, it’s a fun way to accomplish something meaningful.

What if I don't want to participate in tournaments or MMA matches?

That’s totally fine! Jiu Jitsu is different for everyone. Whatever you want to do with it, we can help you get there.

Will I get help for competitive matches?

Oh yeah. Our instructors know how to get people into fighting shape. They can teach you everything you need to know to be ready for your fight.

Kids Questions

Will my child become hostile or aggressive?

No. Martial arts is, first and foremost, about respect. We teach kids how to respect others, and the importance of self-restraint. Whether your child is currently calm or aggressive, you can expect improvement in this regard.

Will my child get injured?

We do everything in our power to help students avoid injury. However, as with any athletic activity, injury is always possible. We always try to make this the exception, rather than the rule, by training at the right pace for each child.

What if my child is not athletic?

Perfect! We know that pretty much anyone can learn martial arts. No matter who comes through our doors, you can be sure that in time, they will become much more athletic and fit.

Will my child have fun?

Oh yeah! Martial arts is hard work, but we make sure that we have a lot of fun along the way. Kids are usually very excited to come to class.

Will my child gain confidence?

Absolutely. Learning new talents and skills will boost any child’s confidence, and they will be sure to feel better about themselves in other areas as a result.

What is the best age to start?

Whatever age they currently are! We teach all ages, from preschoolers to teenagers. It’s never to early (or too late) to start!

Is it just for boys?

Nope. We have plenty of boy AND girl students, and they learn together. Our classes are really for anyone.