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The WE DEFY FOUNDATION provides combat veterans coping with military connected disabilities a long term means to overcome their challenges through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and fitness training.

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Creating Leaders

Professional Jiu-Jitsu training for kids, youth, and adults.

At Paul Tom’s Academy of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we focus on the personal progress of our students and in helping them achieve their goals. Not only do we have great students with whom to train but we also have four black belt professors who regularly teach and train at the Academy, reinforcing good fundamentals and insuring that each student is able to receive the instruction they need to succeed.
Here, you will become part of our family. We work tirelessly as a team to build each other up and help each other out. No matter what.

Group Discounts Available

2 Family Members 25% Off
3 Family Members 30% Off
4+ Family Members 40% Off

If you are already a member and would like to add family members to your membership talk to us during class and we can get you set up.

  • Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class

    $100.00 / month
  • Kids/Youth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class

    From: $50.00 / month

About Paul Tom’s Academy

Professor Paul Tom is a 3rd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and has become widely known for the contributions he has made in training security personnel, police officers, FBI, military, and families of students throughout the state of Utah, while he has taught for over 20 years.

He has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and received various other awards while receiving attention from multiple media outlets for his expertise in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Paul got into martial arts while he was still young, and competed in several Karate tournaments as he trained for years. It wasn’t until Paul became a father that he decided to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and he has taught self-defense ever since.

Paul loves enabling his students to be successful in situations when they might be considered underdogs and it is well-known that Professor Paul Tom’s students should be taken seriously.

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We would love to show you what we’re all about! Feel free to come by to see our gym and talk with some of our outstanding students! Please call ahead so we can plan on your visit.

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